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Usb Charger 12v

Our usb charger is unequaled for use batteries backup in a car, to share power with a cigarette lighter, and to splice through cords, this basic model provides two usb ports for power and data, while the advanced model can handle more than 24 volts. It for $12.

12v Usb Charger Socket

This 12 v usb charger socket is enticing for use with digital or electronic devices, it imparts two ends that can be used to charge different types of devices, such as and laptops. The presents an 3, 1 a rating and the voltmeter offers an 12 v rating. This usb charger socket is first-rate for use with digital or electronic devices, this waterproof 12 v usb charger is a terrific way if you need a new power source for your car, it divided into two parts so you can use them both while driving, and it renders a dual voltage alternative for faster charging. This usb charger outlet for car is puissant for when you need to charge your device anywhere you will be out of the reach of your favorite power brick, the sleek and stylish design is splendid for any carambola. This usb charger outlet will provide 12 v car cigarette lighter socket dual 2, 1 an usb port charging power. With the led light it effortless to find this out even granted that distant from the outlet, this car 12 v usb charger is an unrivaled accessory for your car. It splits into three and gives you power to charge your devices.